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Measure quality online: Continuous quality monitoring of colour and MVR values directly at the machine


QualityOn sets a new standard in quality monitoring in plastics recycling. Because thanks to the innovative EREMA online measuring features you are informed about the current MVR and colour values already while the machine is processing – and do not have to wait until later in the laboratory.

You are notified automatically as soon as the values measured leave the defined tolerance range and can thus take remedial action in the process at an early stage – or remove any defective material immediately from the current process.

This ensures that you and your customers have recycled pellets with consistent properties. For more quality and higher process stability. Another bonus: QualityOn saves considerable time and labour compared to conventional laboratory methods.



  • Continuous quality monitoring of colour and MVR (melt volume-flow rate) values at the machine during processing – no need to wait until later in the laboratory

  • Quality in control: consistent recycled pellet properties, assured process quality – permanent quality control, quickly detecting and reacting to deviations from the target state
    • Alarm if not within defined tolerance range
    • Option: integration of a defl ector for the immediate deflecting out of defective material and for sorting into various quality grades


  • Saves time and labour: QualityOn saves considerable time and labour compared to manual laboratory methods.

  • Robust, straightforward and reliable design of measuring units

  • Geared to the higher requirements in recycling


QualityOn & re360 – a strong duo

Get more out of your QualityOn data – with re360, the new EREMA Manufacturing Execution System (optional). This system gives you a clear view of the MVR and colour data, prepares them in a structured way for later data analysis and enables the necessary long-term data storage for quality documentation.



Continuous online measuring of melt volume-flow rate (MVR) in real time directly at the machine



  • Automated measuring process based on standardised laboratory method

  • Straightforward and robust system

  • Designed especially for recycling: unlike well-known online viscosity measuring systems which use gear pump technology and are designed primarily for clean polymers in the virgin material sector, the QualityOn:MVR measuring unit is designed especially for the higher requirements of recycling processes. It is, for example, insensitive to extremely small contaminant particles of 100-1000 µm which are common in post-consumer recycling.

  • Possible to sort quality according to different viscosity grades by means of a downstream recycled pellet deflector

the benefits

  • Exact and representative data

    • Representative measuring: ingenious design ensures lowest possible influence on removed measuring charge through residence time
    • “Clean” data: thanks to the innovative ContiFlush rinsing mechanism the measuring system is cleaned quickly and efficiently after every measurement; this means that results are not influenced by residues from previous measuring processes or contaminants in the volume measured
  • Option: re360, the new EREMA Manufacturing Execution System, for transparent and clear visualisation, processing, analysis and long-term storage of the MVR data
  • Available as a standalone system for retrofitting or for integrating in a new machine




Continuous online measuring of pellet colour in real time directly at the machine



  • Online spectrophotometer detects the slightest differences in colour: High-resolution grid spectrometer ensures reliable detection of the smallest differences in colour which are not visible to the human eye – this means the information is available long before thresholds are reached
  • Reliable and stable system based on long-lasting LED technology
  • Practical teach function enables the straightforward learning of the desired production in line with the current colour
  • An alarm is given if the colour is not within the defi ned tolerance range
  • Perfect deflector setting: recycled pallets with the “wrong colour” are deflected out until production has become stable again – this means that a light production colour is not contaminated with darker material

The benefits

  • Visualisation of colour values:

    • Standard: the practical trend display on the machine gives you a quick picture of time-dependent colour deviations
    • Option: the new EREMA MES re360 offers even more transparancy, overview and analysis possibilities, including long-term data storage
  • Low maintenance

  • Available as a standalone system for retrofi tting or for integrating in a new machine







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