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Powerful Filtration – new business unit POWERFIL

Friday, 28. July 2017

In line with the motto "Plug in Performance" the new business unit POWERFIL offers both the SW RTF partial surface backflush filter system and the Laserfilter as individual components from now on. Potential users can upgrade their existing extrusion plant from alternative suppliers by adding one of the proven EREMA melt filters. Technical modifications were made to the filter systems prior to the foundation of the business unit.

Besides fast availability, customers will above all appreciate the filtering quality and the quick amortisation which comes with it," says Robert Obermayr, head of the new business unit POWERFIL. "In recent years the growing recycling market and the noticeable parallel increase in more heavily contaminated input materials have led to a growth in the demand for efficient filtration systems – also in the case of existing extruders. We can meet this demand with POWERFIL and offer – especially with the Laserfilter – a functional concept which unites high quality requirements and stable, inexpensive operating costs.

EREMA Laserfilter for PET
With the EREMA Laserfilter, a continuous filter system with screen fineness of 70µm is now in operation for the first time. An even gentler filtration process has been made possible by rheological optimisation of the support breaker plate, enabling a reduction of flow resistance.

Inquiries for the Laserfilter, which is already established in the post-consumer field, are also increasing from customers in the PET sector. The reason for this is that the increased use of rPET in end products requires high process stability despite higher degrees of contamination at times. The Laserfilter processes input material with a degree of contamination of over one per cent without any difficulty.

The functional principle avoids dead spaces and makes for short dwell times which in turn prevents "black spots" with PET. Thanks to the newly developed discharge unit, melt losses are reduced from the normal 1 to 2 per cent with piston filters down to a tenth. "At EREMA it has always been clear: melt filters are a decisive component in reaching top standard material quality. With POWERFIL, recyclers and producers can benefit from EREMA's 30 years of development work and upgrade their existing extrusion unit quickly and easily," says Robert Obermayr, outlining the advantages.

Presentation at Fakuma
The new business unit will be launched on the EREMA stand at the Fakuma show in Friedrichshafen, Germany: Hall A6, Booth 6314.

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