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For the highest requirements. Impressive energy-efficient brand owner quality.


VACUNITE® redefines the benchmark for performance in bottle-to-bottle recycling: Uncompromising safety, productivity and quality are ensured thanks to the highest decontamination efficiency, rPET granulates with the best colour values, top IV stability, compactness of the system as well as low energy consumption throughout the entire process.

Your combination for safety: Advanced VACUREMA® + Polymetrix SSP


This is made possible by the unique combination of two technologies: VACUNITE® unites VACUREMA® technology, which has been tried and tested for decades and has been further developed especially for this application - together with newly patented vacuum-assisted V-LeaN Solid State Polycondensation (SSP), which was also specially developed by Polymetrix (the manufacturer) for EREMA for this demanding application. Key quality and safety advantage: All thermal process steps take place in nitrogen and/or vacuum atmosphere.


Highly efficient decontamination, minimal VOC content, AA level < 1 ppm = Brand Owner Approved

Higher rPET content is possible in the end product thanks to the best rPET colour values = fit for the future

Very energy-saving: Only 0.35 kWh/kg specific energy consumption

(All-in: including all auxiliary units such as the chiller for cooling water treatment, at 1,000 kg/h)

Around 40 % fewer components



Bottle-to-Bottle: VACUNITE® / VACUREMA®
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