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ZERO WASTE AT ITS BEST - highly efficient recycling of film production waste

Wednesday, 23. October 2019

A strong automation package, modern connectivity solutions and short delivery times thanks to a high level of standardisation: The new INTAREMA® ZeroWastePro is a state-of-the-art recycling machine for production-related film waste. The machine is specially designed for PE and PP films, which are processed either in inline or offline. Up to 100% of the recycled material can be fed back into the main production process.

The stability of the process, the consistently high quality of the recycled pellets produced, and a high degree of automation are of key importance to the processing of production waste. The new ZeroWastePro is designed to meet precisely these requirements - on the one hand thanks to proven Counter Current and Smart Start technology, both of which are used on all INTAREMA® machines. In addition, however, components specially designed for film applications, such as optimised screw geometry and quality-optimising in-house controls, which are included in the standard, ensure a decisive increase in quality. For example, the pelletising speed tracking control supports the production of pellets with a consistent bulk density and shape.

It's so easy

"Making it easy for the operator - this requirement was at the top of the development agenda for the new machine," says Andreas Dirnberger, Business Development Manager for Inhouse & Industrial Applications at EREMA Group. Starting with installation and integration into the existing film production process through to process control during operation - the concept of simplicity has been consistently implemented in all these areas.

Included onboard: modern connectivity solutions

The new ZeroWastePro boasts impressive modern connectivity solutions. The EREMA Smart Service Package is included for the first 12 months, for example. This enables machine operators to use practical Remote Access services such as remote maintenance, as well as the advantages of BluPort - the new digital EREMA Performance Platform.

Don’t waste your waste

In cost saving terms, the machine gets you off to a great start with especially short delivery times and an attractive price-performance ratio. Thanks to the reduced use of primary raw materials and the savings in energy costs, the return on investment for the recycling plant is very short.

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